Custom Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Process of Custom Printing

We make it quick and simple to get your custom hi-vis safety vests ready for your workplace:

  1. Select Hi-Vis Vests: Choose from our variety of styles and sizes.
  2. Digital Custom Design: Send us your logo or text along with your preferred printing placement.
  3. Get a Customized Quote: Receive a personalized quote with exclusive discounts.
  4. Approve Your Design: Review and confirm the digital design and mockup crafted by our team, to initiate production.

Laser Positioning

Utilizes laser technology to precisely determine the printing placement, ensuring consistent quality of every item.

Automatic Printing

Our machines automatically transfer ink to the safety vest, streamlining the process for efficiency.

Dehydration and Heating

Post-printing, each item undergoes a dehydration and heating process that robusts the print and extends the lifetime.


Screen Printing

Here are charts showing our pricing per quantity for different combinations of quantities and colors:

Colors Min Price (per unit)
1 Color 6+ $1.99
2 Colors 6+ $2.99
3 Colors 6+ $3.99
4 Colors 6+ $4.99

Thermo Press Printing

Printing Position Min Price (per unit)
Chest Pocket 1 Color 6+ $5.5
Chest Pocket 2 Colors 6+ $7.25
Chest Pocket 3 Colors 6+ $9
Chest Pocket 4 Colors 6+ $10.75
Vest Back 6+ $7.25

Quantity Discount

Order Quantity Discount Rate
10 - 19 5%
20 - 49 8%
50 - 99 10%
100 - 199 15%
Over 200 20%

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity for customized safety vests?
How long does it take to receive a custom order?
Can I receive a product sample before placing a larger order?

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